Visibility QCQ

Quote: “Into the organization of this material, which is no longer purely visual but also conceptual”

Comment: Some times seeing visual aids, meaning movies or television shows, won’t be able to show the meaning of what the author is trying to convey. It’s only ones person perspective.

Question: With one persons vision of a meaning being interrupt by another person who has a different point of view, how can the two or more people can find a way to work together to make their visions work together?

Exactitude QCQ

Quote: “Leonardo da Vinci offers a significant example of the battle with language to capture something that evaded his powers of expression. Leonardo’s codices comprise an extraordinary documentation of struggle with language, a gnarled spiky language, from which he seeks richer, more subtle, and more precise expression.”

Comment: Sometimes language can’t express feelings, even with the most diverse  language.

Question: With some poems and stories, when is the work perfect or exact?

Design Brief for Project 2

Title: Project 2

Stakeholders: Myself and Carrie Osgood

Context: A short narrative on my grandfather witnessing the atomic bomb

Problem identification: Knowing how to show his point of view on seeing an atomic bomb and what can the audience take away from viewing this short narrative.

Objectives: To stimulate or negate the viewer in this 30 sec

Audience: Classmates and professor

Positioning and communication strategy: The single message that should be conveyed is not everyone was able to witness the atomic bomb in person.

Pragmatic issues:

-What issues must be overcome? Figuring out how to illustrate the explosion of a atomic bomb, both visual and audio, finding sounds that are relevant and original to the narrative.

-what noise can you forsee? Time, and technical issues that can cause the lack of success in this project.

QCQ Epic Spatialities 373-384

Quote: “Video games have been described as “play spaces” (Jenkins 1998), partially to distinguish them from other screen-based representational practices by emphasizing that their spaces not simply represented but also experienced, understood, and navigated.”

Comment:  Interesting quote, come to think of it video games in general have a unique sense of being. Never thought how video games stories are more interactivity than other narrative medias. Which makes sense since it’s a game!

Question: As video games progress along with technology, i.e. game consoles, when does certain video games narratives get too complicated that they value of gameplay gets lowered?

97-103 The Game Master

Quote: “Lastly of course, the GM’s duties is adjudicating the success or failure of all the characters’ actions during a session.”

Comment; So the Game Master becomes the General Manager of how the expected results are created in a campaign of a story.

Question: How much is the level of success or failure can the Game Master can allow for a campaign?

QCQ on Intellectual Property 59-65

Quote: “The intense emotional connection that role-playing gamers feel to a property, because they have collaborated in the authorship of their experience of it, is difficult, if not impossible to adapt into ancillary media.”

Comment: Games like World of Warcraft and Dungeons and Dragons play into this for the players who participate in these type of games.

Question: When getting attached to these type of games, when is the level of involvement become an imbalance of time being spent on these games?