Zootopia review

For my out of class activity I went to go see Zootopia by Disney at AMC theaters over in Littleton, for the time I went to see was at 10pm. With this film being aimed for children/family audiences, I wanted to be able to watch the film with less noise from the audience. As for the audience, children were still present but they were with their parents and they were older. From what I observed the children ages were around 10 to 12 years old, since it was later at night, the children were dressed in their pajamas. With it being late at night I figured that they would go to bed once they arrive home. Now onto the movie/film itself, the main protagonist a female bunny named Judy whose aspiration is to become a police officer in the Megalopolis city called Zootopia. Zootopia is a city with 12 districts that coincide with different animals that are living in each district. With being a police officer in Zootopia usually consists of larger animals, mostly predator animals. So naturally everyone is confused or pessimistic about Judy’s career choice/dream, in the beginning of the film, there is exposition of how and what Zootopia is all about and the possibilities are for their fellow citizens. Which inspires Judy to want to become a police officer, as the film continues Judy becomes a Police officer and gets her first case. There are disappearances of several predator animals threw out the city, in the end Judy and some help from some shady characters found where the missing animals were at and discovered a plan to get rid of the predator animals by making them more animalistic. The plot twist at the end was the mayors’ assistant, a sheep, created an underground plan to attack the predator animals so the non-predator animals feared them. In the end the plan was exposed, and both non-predator and predator animals are back living in harmony. For a Disney film it was interesting to see Disney to take on a neo-noir story plot. From what I took away from this movie was that stereotyping can be broken, and fear can cause prejudice to other groups of animals that are minorities in the main group. To me this applies to real life, for example groups like lgbt and racial minorities are some of the groups that have been targeted by the majority over the years. Its nice to see how Disney is making films/stories that confront social issues in todays society.


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