Project 3, Silhouette of the Soul

In Project 3, Silhouette of the Soul I assembled various pieces of my past works incorporating them as one. For my scans, I mostly used past works and a favorite manga, graphic novel, of mine. I decided to use these pieces because of several reasons. One, I like how the scans show both texture and shape.  As for my self picture as the Silhouette, I masked layered me out of the image then make the background a solid color, creating a negative space. Now I wanted to use one of my scans with the picture of me as the design in that Silhouette. Not to get confused with the pointillism feline in the top left corner, granted it too has a few shadows of solid colors and textures, it isn’t the main emphasize in the piece. For the images of the men on the bottom part of the piece, from a video game that I like to play, they have a mixture of shade and color. The colors that I have chosen are light blue, red, black, white, and gray. Reason why I chose these colors are because they create a balanced contrast, complementing each other with the black, white and gray. It creates a dual mood, with red symbolizing anger, and light blue symbolizing a cool, calm, collected feel. Unifying it together!


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