Assignment 1

Playing with Photoshop

Assignment 1, Diagonal Force


2 thoughts on “Assignment 1

  1. I like your technic of smudging the yellow to show all the texture underneath. You have a good use color on this piece. Eventhough there’s a lot going on, I think the use of color works really well. This piece does look like graffati.

  2. To be honest, I don’t feel that diagonal force is the overwhelming force at work. I more strongly feel that horizontal force is what is moving my eye around. Although the blue dots and the red square stand out most prominently, the movement in the background of the yellow and orange streaks is what gives the piece it’s motion. Yes, the yellow and orange are slightly tilted, but I still feel more of a pull along the horizon. I love the usage of layers in this piece. I think someone in class said exactly what I was thinking in saying that it feels like it’s years of graffiti done over the course of years that have become layered and layered, and the red square is something that is physically on the wall that has somehow been untouched, or recently put on. There’s a lot going on here that keeps the eye entertained.

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